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People who have been in a car crash know the importance of hiring an auto accident lawyer. If you have been in one while driving in the Duck Key area, it is essential to reach out to a reputable car wreck attorney right away to hold the responsible party accountable for their faulty driving. If you are on the receiving end of a car wreck, you are entitled to compensation from the responsible driver and your insurance company. As per the Florida Financial Responsibility Law, the driver accountable for the wreck must have a full liability insurance coverage, which covers bodily injury per person ($10,000) and per crash ($20,000). This also includes property damage liability per crash ($10,000).

However, remember that your insurance provider can try to make lowball offers, leaving you with not enough money to cover your injuries, property damages and loss of wages. Our firm has lawyers are knowledgeable and experienced in Duck Key car wrecks and Duck Key insurances helps you to get the compensation you deserve. By hiring our car crash lawyer, you are guaranteed assistance in protecting your rights by gathering evidence, filing documents and presenting them to strengthen your insurance claims.

Do I Need An MRI After A Duck Key Accident?

After a car wreck, everyone involved should take steps to ascertain the degree of physical injury sustained during the accident. You might feel fine after the crash but keep in mind that signs of major and even fatal injuries can surface hours after the crash, especially with adrenaline and shock in your system. Because of this, our auto injury attorney always recommends getting an MRI, especially with a medical specialist suggests doing so.

This procedure scans for brain and spinal injuries related to your Duck Key accident to make sure that you did not sustain any critical or fatal injury.

Aside from bodily injury and property damage coverage, your insurance also provides you with a PIP worth $10,000. In fact, Florida vehicle owners are required to have this insurance. This can be used to get cover around 80% of the medical expenses pertinent to your Duck Key accident. This means that you can use this benefit for your MRI or treatments caused by injuries.

This can be better than your medical insurance policy as it helps you avoid the drawbacks of such coverage such as delayed treatments due to late payouts. With PIP, you can avail of your coverage without the need to go to court and prove who is at fault. This way, you can consult with a medical practitioner right after the wreck.

Aside from encompassing medical treatments, this policy can cover up to 60% of lost wages resulting from your injury. If you are looking for an esteemed auto accident lawyer, get in touch with us at 1-800-378-1242 and get a free consultation with one of our experts.

Personal Injury Protection or PIP and Its Significance After an Accident

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